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Le massage du dos dans notre centre de massage à Neuchâtel

Our backs are one of the most tense areas of the body because of the many muscles they have. Our back massages will allow to soothe all these discomforts so you can recover your well-being. When should you get a back massage? How do we proceed? We answer all your questions in the following lines.

Le mal de dos

Why should get back massage?

Massage des trapèzes


• To relieve stress
The stress that accumulates every day causes tension and pain in the back. We often speak of a knotted back when a person is tense. A back massage frees you from these tensions to have a relaxed body. It releases toxins, rebalances your energy, and brings flexibility to your back muscles.
• To restore your body’s balance
Your back is a key area of your body, and taking care of it means taking care of your overall well-being. A lot of health concerns, such as migraine or insomnia, can originate from your back. Our massages target areas responsible for some pains, relieve them and restore your body’s energetic balance.
• To simply enjoy
Even if everything is going well for you, nothing prevents you from coming here to get pampered by our expert team.

A proper back massage

Olistik performs back massages of the highest quality. We don’t just only massage a few areas, we proceed in stages so that the massage has real effects.

You will first be placed in a welcoming and soothing room, surrounded by gentle, calming fragrances.

Our therapist will apply an essential oil to your hands and warm them up before beginning the massage.

He will then give you a professional massage and place his hands parallel to each other and start by massaging your lower back, continuing along the spine and the shoulders. He will then move down your arms to hands.

If there is any tension, the therapist will insist on a longer massage of the shoulder blades with a different technique.

The therapist will finish by massaging the back of the neck while gently kneading the area.

 This is a general idea of what to expect with a back massage. We offer many variations that adapt to your needs.

Massage de la nuque, épaules et dos

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